Creative Healing Coaching

Coaching with a twist!

Making the first step towards change is

often the hardest thing to do.

Enter Inspire Calm!

I am an experienced coaching professional, providing clients with the right tools and knowledge needed to change their lives and heal.

I have helped clients unleash their potential, paving the way towards personal and professional success.

Discover what I can do for you today.

Are you creative?

Wondering how Creative Healing Coaching could help you?

I can help you to understand how creativity can alter your brain chemistry and physiology in order for your body to heal.

You can finally have:

Deep healing from within!

Real, long-lasting change!

The ability to listen to your body with love and compassion!

A symptom free life!

No social restraints - find out who you really are!!


What is a creative?


~ someone who sees the world differently
A UNIQUE Individual

~ thinks outside of the box

~ does not accept things for what they are and know they can make a change

~ influencing others through innate talents

~ has original ideas and solves problems in new ways

~ design your HEALED life

We each bring a fresh perspective to the world and our place within it, we all have the innate ability to explore through creativity and create healing in our lives.

Inspire Calm

30 days of Healing Poetry Prompts

Would you like to write more poetry but struggle to find inspiration - well here are some fantastic prompts for 30 days (at least)!


They have been specially chosen to aid in your healing journey and for you to better know yourself and how you see the world around you.


ReCreate Your Sparkle

ReCreate Your Sparkle is a 3 month Creative Healing 1:1 coaching programme using creativity as a tool to facilitate your healing. Learn how to use creative hobbies to reduce your symptoms, understand your body better and be more positive. 

Exploring your symptoms, expressing yourself in new ways and connecting with yourself at your core through creativity and play. Allowing yourself to take up space, speak freely, build your confidence and therefore love yourself deeply. 

Every individual has patterns and behaviours that hold them back. I am here to help you in your new journey. Through expert advice and proactive coaching, you’ll soon be healing in a way you never thought possible.

Creative healing is holistic self-care and creative therapy is the key to healing ~ the key to the light!

Let me show you the way.

Apply within for a free 30 minute discovery call

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Focusing on your symptoms is all too easy especially during a flare, however the more you think about it the worse it’ll become. Being creative in any way can help you to change your focus and allows you to heal on a neurological level.

Even when you are working on your healing it can be hard to feel confident enough to be creative or make time for it. Allowing doubt, self criticism and low self worth to dissuade you and make you feel like you aren't good enough. The more you continue with creative healing the more confident and connected you will be with yourself.

This is when you can truly heal from the inside.

But I know this is easier said than done! It is so hard to think about how to help ourselves, how to do something positive. The symptoms can be so loud we can't hear ourselves screaming for help and we don't know what will help!


That's where I come in!

Inspire Calm is all about helping you to connect to your creative mind and bring yourself out of the darkness. 

In Inspire Calm's membership we will be delving into each symptom to allow deeper understanding and Healing! Different creative hobbies are covered each month, who knows you may just find a new favourite!

There is a community space where you can connect with your fellow Creative Healers for support and friendship.

Find creative ways to deal with potential causes of your flares and everyday tasks that can be draining and lead to burn out. Break free from societal constraints and show the world who you are at your core. Find what brings you joy, bring positivity and healing into your life and ReCreate Your Sparkle!


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Inspire Calm:
ReCreate Your Sparkle

1:1 Creative Healing Coaching

During this programme you will benefit in so many ways and learn skills that will stay with you. You will find ways to self heal all areas of your life and use creativity to have fun, change your focus and connect with your true self.

If you have any questions about the course please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Apply for a free 30 minute discovery call

3 months 1:1 coaching programme


Why do you need this?

  • To help you to heal at a deeper level, bringing about real, positive change in your life

  • To teach you new hobbies that will make you feel good, change the way you see yourself and help you to uncover root causes underlying your symptoms

  • Because you don't want to remain where you are now in 3 months time!

What you will receive :

  • one creative healing zoom call per week (1.5 hours)​

  • two coaching calls per month (1 hour)

  • WhatsApp access including voice notes

Creative Healers' Membership

  • Uncover the root causes for your symptoms and heal yourself using creativity as a tool


  • Explore different symptoms and creative hobbies each month


  • Learn how to use creativity to facilitate your healing journey

  • Live creative class monthly


  • Live coaching calls monthly

  • Community space to connect with myself and other Creative Healers!

Join for:
£10 per month to get access to exclusive members only posts and videos, behind the scenes and early access to classes

£30 per month to get access to all of the above plus members only blog, live creative class and live coaching call and much more

If you want to use creativity to heal and need a safe space and a coach to help you through it this membership is for you, click the button for more information...

Sketching a Dress


Read past client reviews to discover how Inspire Calm has helped to transform their lives. They found help when they sought it, they use the creative techniques they have learnt to continue to explore and heal their lives. I am so proud to have helped these wonderful people with their healing.

Ready to become another satisfied client? Contact me today to find out how you can work with me 1:1 to ReCreate Your Sparkle!


I cannot recommend Inspire Calm more highly. Trips is such a kind soul, but she is also upfront and honest - exactly what you need in a coach 😍 She tells you what you need to hear, but does so with compassion and from a place of understanding. I am always so inspired by her creativity - and have had the privilege of attending some of her workshops, including one on mandalas.  I really enjoyed the class, and it activated my creativity as well as allowed me to be more present, away from flurrying thoughts and to-do-lists. If you are looking to heal and transform your life, investing in her 1:1 coaching container might be the best thing you do this year!


30 days of Poetry Prompts

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Receive 30 days worth of poetry prompts to help you create poetry on different topics and also some very helpful tips on how to use the prompts and how to write great, expressive poetry.

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Painted Stairs

Free stuff!!


Heal Yourself

The Remarkable Journeys of Ordinary People Healing Themselves of Dis-ease in Extra Ordinary Ways

I wrote a feature for this amazing book filled with natural self-healing journeys from dis-eases diagnosed by doctors as chronic, life-long and life-threatening. There are many chronic conditions and mental illnesses covered in this book, it is well worth reading.

Creativity: an outlet for my chronic pain

Guest feature on Free To Spiel

I wrote this blog for Free To Spiel back in March 2021. Here I talk about some of the most painful of the chronic conditions I was diagnosed with and how they affected my mental health. I talk about how leaving my niche laboratory job in London had caused my health; physical and mental, to decline. I also talk about how creative hobbies were the only things keeping me going.

Not So Chronic Podcast

Defying Depression & Chronic Pain Through Unconditional Self-Love & Approval

I was so grateful to be a guest on this podcast by Sarah Harvey, where we discussed healing multiple diagnoses and the way creativity helped me through this journey.

IG live with Rachel Rose

Discussing Covid19, lockdown, healing and coaching

It was such a pleasure to talk to Rachel about the effects of the past 18 months on people's mental and spiritual health. We also discussed ways we helped ourselves to heal and cope with the situation.

Rachel is a certified Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Reader, who helps women reclaim their divine feminine power.

IG Live with Abbie's Healing Corner 

Healing with Creativity and Yoga

Watch Abbie and I discuss all things healing! 

Abbie is a wonderful yoga instructor, meditation guide and self-healer!! Check out her Instagram page for loads of tips on healing tools and yoga!

Interview with Michael Collins



The King's Forum Podcast Show

Watch me and Michael discussing my journey to becoming a Creative Healing coach


Michael is a YouTuber and Mental health advocate. He has created a platform that is a safe space for real people to share their experiences. As he has his own experiences with mental illness he wants to help others, the way he helps himself, to manage their mental well being.

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