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Use creativity as a tool to facilitate your healing.


Learn how to use creative hobbies to reduce your symptoms, understand your body better and be more positive. 


Explore your symptoms, express yourself in new ways and connect with yourself at your core through creativity and play.

Get to the root of the symptoms and heal from deep within!


Allow yourself to take up space, speak freely, build your confidence and therefore love yourself deeply. 

Mindfully creating will help you to focus on something outside of your symptoms, giving you relief. The more you create mindfully the longer you benefit from

ReCreate your Sparkle

3 month 1:1 coaching programme

Every individual has patterns and behaviours that hold them back. I am here to help you in your new journey. Through expert advice and proactive coaching, you’ll soon be healing in a way you never thought possible.

Creative healing is holistic self-care and creative therapy is the key to healing ~ the key to the light!

Let me show you the way.

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Healing through play

Being creative is about having fun and freedom of expression! 

Identifying with diagnosis 

Do you feel your diagnosis is part of who you are? Is there a fear of healing? Not sure who you would be without the symptoms?

Isn't is time you found out?!

Avoiding flare-ups

Do you avoid doing things you enjoy  because you might flare-up afterwards? Let's address this and start living life!

Critical voice

Are you always putting yourself down? Do you criticise yourself? Are you fed up of doing it? Time to change your inner dialogue and build yourself back up!

Pain as punishment

No pain, no gain right? WRONG!! 

Lack mindset

Not enough time for creativity, not enough money for your hobbies, not enough healing  etc. There is an abundance of healing, time and money! Let's begin changing this lack mindset into an abundance mindset!

Sky's the limit!

Inner child healing

Did you play enough as a child? Were you allowed to express yourself? Did you feel seen/heard? Start to heal your inner child by re-parenting yourself.


Is your self worth based on perfectionism? Do your symptoms flare when things are not perfect? Did you know perfection is not real?!

Scarcity mindset

Do you avoid using things because you think it'll be a waste if it isn't perfect? Do you feel that you need to keep things as long as possible because you can't get more? Do you think it needs to be a special reason to wear make-up, jewellery, nice clothes, do your hair? Do you avoid using the tools of your creative craft?

Low self image

Don't feel good enough? Low self-worth? No confidence? Judge yourself?

Well, no more!! 

Self Love

Learn to love yourself, love your creativity, love your body and mind. 

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Abstract Objects


I cannot recommend Inspire Calm more highly. Trips is such a kind soul, but she is also upfront and honest - exactly what you need in a coach.

She tells you what you need to hear, but does so with compassion and from a place of understanding. I am always so inspired by her creativity

Abstract Background


Trips is an amazing coach 

Whenever I am really anxious and I feel stuck I always have my creative tools, which really help me feel more energetic and lighter.

She has helped me overcome that inner critic.

I am really grateful to have met her during my healing journey.

Colorful Lights


Tripat is a great teacher and coach, with first hand understanding of mental well-being and chronic illness. She’s professional, yet with a relaxed vibe in the classes.


ReCreate Your Sparkle

3 month 1:1 Creative Healing Coaching
Was £999, New Year Offer £799 (Save £200) when you book by 28th February

Why do you need this?

  • To help you to heal at a deeper level, bringing about real, positive change in your life

  • To teach you new hobbies that will make you feel good, change the way you see yourself and help you to uncover root causes underlying your symptoms

  • Because you don't want to remain where you are now in 3 months time!

What you will receive :

  • one creative healing zoom call per week (1.5 hours)​

  • two coaching calls per month (1 hour)

  • WhatsApp access including voice notes

30 minute discovery calls