Why is this pain here?

Pain presents in our bodies for a reason. We manifest pain to show us what we need to heal. It’s horrible and 100% not made up. But it is there for a reason!

Louise Hay made an extensive list of symptoms and what they represent, where in our lives we need to focus our healing. She wrote many books about different symptoms and how to actually heal. She recommends using positive affirmations that are tailored to our symptoms.

Pain represents self punishment, past trauma that we’ve not let go of. Expectations that were put on us as children that we now put on ourselves are adding to the manifestation of pain.

Telling yourself that you “should” be a certain way or do certain things in order to be worthy. Worthy of love from others.

What about loving yourself first?

Self-worth begins with the self!

Start to love and accept yourself. Even when pain presents itself. Love yourself through the pain. Truly love yourself.

Tell yourself everyday that you love and accept yourself, that you are worthy, that you release past trauma and that it is safe for you to heal now.

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