Acceptance and healing

Acceptance isn’t giving in and giving up. Acceptance is the beginning of healing.

Accepting that you CAN heal is what set off the process of healing, this mindset shift is the spark that set off the fireworks! Now as you go through your healing journey what you need to accept changes. Accept that your symptoms will come back, but they will still go again. 

Healing is a multilayered process, like this delicious cake! You may think you have understood and dealt with the cause of that symptom, say anxiety for example, however as you continue healing and doing the inner work, the next layer of anxiety will pop up! This does NOT mean you haven’t healed or that you have gone backwards. NO! There is no going backwards!! All this means is that you are ready to heal the next layer of anxiety, work through it, go deeper, there is always more inner work, you are ALWAYS healing.

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So, back to acceptance! Understanding that healing is layer upon layer of trauma (of any kind) is key to accepting this fact. Then you can stop being so hard on yourself when that symptom comes back and you can focus on the inner work and heal another layer. That is what this is all about, it may get frustrating, you might not feel like doing the work sometimes and that is okay. The “work” can be anything from journaling and meditation to painting and walking in nature.

Accept that you can heal no matter what you do, as long as you are being kind to yourself and honouring your needs. Accept yourself for who you are, quirks and all! Accept that you are a healer!!

Accept that healing happens and it will!

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