Paper crafting and your inner child

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I loved making things with paper when I was younger. I fondly remember making Christmas decorations at school. In fact, one year me and my mum made little cards for my school friends and teachers, which she too has good memories of, and her memory is worse than Dory from Finding Nemo! I actually think we kept some of them because they were so cute.

As a child, crafting with paper was so exciting! The colours, ideas, using markers and glitter, the possibilities were endless!! Plus playing with PVA glue was always fun! Being able to be creative and make a mess was all part of the excitement! I think as an adult we worry too much about the mess, the waste of paper, the other things we “should” be doing, the time it would take – we don’t focus enough on the joy it would bring.

Last December I made some paper decorations for my Christmas tree and I had the most fun. They were fiddly at times, and the glue refused to do its job! But I persevered, and I now have some lovely decorations out of it! Let’s hope they last a whole year in the garage. Check out these links below to see what I made and follow along:

Leaf ornament – watch here

Spiral decoration – watch here

Honeycomb bauble – watch here

I was taken back to that happy little girl making amazing things out of a sheet of paper and some scissors and glue!! I got hooked on the joy of it all.But I have not made anything since. Why reserve something so joyful for special occasions only? Why not make things just because you can?!

This got me thinking about how we stopped letting our inner child have fun and play and make things and craft to their heart’s content – unless it was for a special occasion, and even then we make excuses to not do it.

In order to heal our inner child we need to let them play, let them express themselves as this will allow them to feel seen and heard.

What does your inner child want to do today?

Ask them and pay attention to what thoughts and feelings come up, they might very well be hinting at an answer. Make time to do it! Even if it is something small like going to the park, or something big like spending some time paper crafting.

Bring in more joy to your life!!

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