I Got This!

Where do I find strength? From all of my Instagram friends Ironic but true Haven’t even met you But there you are Cheering me on Making me feel strong “You got this” But I feel like shit I want to breakdown Give up, give in Need something To filter my senses Emotions overwhelm Without the drugs And brain fog It is all too much! I feel all the feels But emptiness prevails I am full of anger and suffering There must be some good hidden Deep Really Fucking Deep down I know I got this I have been through worse Repeating this like a mantra Hoping that it works I am strong I will heal Affirmations To keep it real Keep it true Be authentic Show the world my pain And the world will show me theirs We can heal together Is this true? Is that real? Possible to feel Unity with people you’ll never meet With people on my screen Praising Consoling Supporting Me? I do feel special I feel more whole I think I do got this That’s the fucking goal! I didn’t need to be told But it felt good nonetheless I don’t need the drugs They don’t make me feel my best My best life Living daily With no strife Positive only That’s not real This is Pain is real So is healing Rage is true So are all feelings Where do I find strength? Within myself But sometimes I need a little help

#Poetry #support #drugdependency #motivation #painandpoetry #tramadolwithdrawal #pain

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