Busy week?! What to do when you don’t get much done!

We have all been there. To do list written up, you know what you want to get done but then something (or many things) come along and throw a spanner in the works.

For the past week I have had one thing after another (not all bad) come up that have put progress on other things aside. Not only has this meant I have a backlog of work to do but also that I started to feel a bit stressed.

Why I was only a bit stressed was because I have learnt that sometimes these things happen and you just have to roll with it, go with the flow and most importantly CUT YOURSELF SOME SLACK!!!

No, this is not easy to do. Especially if you are not used to listening to the needs of your body and mind. How can you write blog posts if you are tired and have brain fog? How can you hoover if your body is aching? How can you maintain a social life if you always put your work, studies, chores, housework first?

So when things come up that take you in a different direction, allow it without struggle. The struggle is where the stress comes from. The struggle is not going with the flow and not allowing events to unfold the way they are meant to.

Keep reminding yourself that things are going the way they are meant to. Listen to your body and don’t focus too hard on DOING things. Sometimes you just need to BE!

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