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Anxiety – a distrust in the natural flow and processes of life.

When we don’t trust in the flow, we try to rush things according to our own perceived timetable, we resist going with the flow. This list of ALL the things we need/want/have to do is never-ending and we want to rush through it, tick off the boxes. On the other hand, you could be procrastinating, waiting for the “right time”, waiting for the perfect conditions, and increasing anxiety further because you are worrying about not achieving your massive to do list! We don’t savour the process, learn from it, allow it to naturally unfold and be what it is meant to be. How can you learn and grow?

To overcome anxiety we need to be in the present, not worrying about the future, not ruminating on things that may or may not happen. Be Here Now! The more we practice mindfulness, the less anxiety we will face. But when anxiety persists we are never in the present moment, which is why people with anxiety find it so hard to meditate, there is always forward planning and worst case scenarios happening in our minds.

Being present takes energy and intention, whereas rushing allows you to live on the surface, never getting deep enough to face the truth of the situation. Facing ourselves in this way is scary AF! It is painful. It is hard to look inward, especially if we are not ready to heal the root of the anxiety. Try being mindful and present throughout your day. STOP and breathe every now and then, you are allowed! Sit in the discomfort of going with the flow, of letting go of control.

Why are you rushing through life? What is it that you are striving for?

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