Creative Healers' Membership

Know Yourself!

March we are going to explore ourselves and become more self aware using different forms of creative writing

Do you want to heal at a deeper level instead of managing your symptoms?

Do you want to learn more about symptoms and different creative hobbies you can use to facilitate self healing?

In the Creative Healers' Membership we will be exploring different symptoms and creative hobbies each month 

There will be a live creative class as well as a live coaching call to allow you to get to the root of why you are manifesting that symptom.

Including a community space where you can connect with other like minded Creative self-Healers
And so much more...
The creative class this month we are going to explore writing as ourselves in different scenarios and stories, this will help you to understand your behaviours, feelings and beliefs. Join to follow along live with me (or you can watch the replay)
Understand how being self aware is important for your healing journey and how this will enable you to determine the root causes behind your symptoms in the live coaching call (recording available)
Explore yourself at a deeper level through creativity and play. Allow yourself to have fun.

When you have fun creating, like you did when you were a child, you are much more open to healing.

Mindful creativity allows you to step away from the internal chatter and find deeper meaning behind your symptoms.

Healing mental illnesses and chronic conditions through creativity is possible.


£10 per month

  • exclusive members only blogs

  • ​behind the scenes

  • members only videos

  • early access to classes​


£30 per month

  • all of the above

  • members only posts

  • Live Creative class

  • Live Coaching call